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XL Girls – Cj Woods

Cj Woods - Cj Woods Wants A Big Dick Between Her Country Gal Tits

It's a situation all guys live through. You wait for your date to decide what to wear before she's ready to go out. If you're lucky, it won't be too long. If she likes playing dress-up and owns a lot of outfits, get ready for the long wait. James Angel waits in the bedroom for country MILF CJ Woods to decide what she wants to put on before they leave the apartment. CJ asks him for his input. He likes what she's wearing when she walks into the bedroom. He likes how CJ's big mommy boobs look in the tight top she's showing him. There will be no going out on a date for some time because James has to pound CJ's pussy and fuck her tits and throat after seeing what she's wearing for him. Since CJ is a whole lotta woman, this will take some time. He enjoys holding her by the hair as she blows his cock and thrusting into her pussy from behind. "Size is super important, but you also need to know what you're doing," CJ told us. "I like it rough. I don't say a lot in bed. But if I'm really…
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