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The Life Erotic – Vanessa Angel

Vanessa Angel - Oiled Pussy 2

Sexy Czech brunette Vanessa Angel enters the living area of a light and spacious apartment. She is wearing a sheer minidress and kinky leather bra with conical cups, and her long hair is in a ponytail. On the large wooden dining table she finds three bottles: accompanying instructions explain that they contain "erotic aroma oil – use to intensify your orgasm". Vanessa breathes in the scent. Barefoot, she stands in the center of the room and runs her manicured hands over her slim curves. As she bends over the table, her dress rides up to offer tantalizing glimpses of her ass. Then she strips down to the bra and a tiny leather thong, before getting naked. She sways and gyrates, showing off her breasts and shaved pussy. Shot "upskirt" from below, she begins to masturbate. Next, Vanessa sprawls back on the tabletop and drizzles her beautiful nude body with the oil. A little goes a long way – it gleams on her flawless skin as she massages her tits and crotch. Breathing slowly and deeply, she circles blue-polished fingertips around her slippery clit, then sinks one inside. She kneels doggie-style and pours more oil directly on her toned peach of an ass, working it over her buns and into her crack. The bottle is positioned so she can inhale the fragrance of the oil as she pleasures herself. Then she turns her attention back to her pussy, splaying her butterfly lips and penetrating it with a couple digits. Sitting once more, she leans back, legs spread wide, and frigs her slit, moaning as the erotic oil enhances every touch. She takes things slowly, relishing each sensation, tits quivering as she teases herself towards orgasm. Eventually, she speeds up and, as she cums, she whimpers, pressing her knees together to clamp her hand in place. Finally, flashing satisfied smiles at the camera, she continues to caress herself…
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