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Oopsie – Rocky Emerson

Rocky Emerson - The Pat Down

A flight attendant, Rocky Emerson, tries to hastily get through airport security, but ends up setting off the metal detector. A security officer, Ricky Spanish, has to give her a closer inspection. He scans her with a handheld metal detector, which goes off when he hovers it over her ass. Next, he frisks her, which causes him to notice she seems to be secretly carrying something inside her body. He pulls out the object, which turns out to be a kinky sex toy. Rocky is annoyed because she wanted her fetish to remain private, and she is especially annoyed that Ricky pulled the toy out of her. She wants a replacement to pleasure her, and she decides that Ricky will do!
Oopsie.22.12.27.Rocky.Emerson.1080p_s.jpg Oopsie.22.12.27.Rocky.Emerson.jpg