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My Pervy Family – Emma Bugg

Emma Bugg - Teen Pregnancy Pussy

Turning 18 is a big milestone in anyone's life and apparently Emma celebrated the moment by getting knocked up. When she sees the dreaded 2 lines on the pregnancy test, she knows she has to think fast. But when her stepfather Peter finds the positive test in her room, things spiral out of control. Emma sees the writing on the wall and corners her stepdad Peter. She promises she will do ANYTHING as long as Peter doesn't tell her mom. Emma strokes her stepfather's massive knob. Once it's rock hard, she gets on her knees and struggles to fit it in her mouth. Emma bends over and lets her stepdad slowly push his fat dick into her tight hole. He picks up the pace as her pussy stretches to fit his cock. Peter makes his stepdaughter cum hard on his thick dick as he rails her young twat. Her perky tits and tanlines eventually get to him and he unleashes a big nut in her tiny pussy. On an unrelated note - can a girl get double pregnant? Asking for a friend.
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