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Modern Day Sins – Christie Stevens

Christie Stevens - Idle Fantasies: In-law's Sordid History

Christie Stevens is tidying up her living room when she gets a visit from her in-law, Oliver Davis. He remembered that Christie was looking to get a laptop, and since he no longer needs his old one, he thought he'd give it to her. Christie is touched- what a sweet thing for him to do! Oliver says to think nothing of it and leaves again. But as Oliver walks to his car, he suddenly realizes that he forgot to clear the search history from the laptop's web browser. Oliver and his wife were just watching porn last night, so it won't be hard for Christie to stumble upon it herself. Determined to find some excuse to get his laptop back before Christie discovers he and his wife's dirty secret, Oliver goes back inside the house to find Christie. Though as Oliver quietly re-enters, he's stunned to find Christie in the living room, legs (and laptop) open, masturbating to the very same porn he was watching the night prior. Oliver had no idea his in-law was this sexually adventurous, and when Christie discovers his presence, she invites him to join in on the fun. They have dirty, playful sex on the living room couch, including an unexpected phone call from Oliver's wife, who absolutely CAN NOT find out about what they're getting up to.
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