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Met Ar tFilms – Katherinne Rodriguez

Katherinne Rodriguez - Katherinne Rodriguez Intimate

Stunning Costa Rican model Katherinne Rodriguez invites you to join her on the terrace of her glamorous vacation home in this gorgeous self-shot video. The Latina beauty steps into the pool, her crop top clinging to her perfect breasts as she starts to swim. Underwater, she peels off her top and bikini panties, emerging from the pool naked and dripping wet. She massages lotion into her silky skin, caressing her stiff nipples and sexy ass amorously, then stretches out on a sun lounger to savor the sensual pleasure of the sun’s kiss all over her flawless body.
22.12.22.Katherinne.Rodriguez.Intimate.1080p_s.jpg 22.12.22.Katherinne.Rodriguez.Intimate.jpg