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Japan HDV – Yume Mizuki

Yume Mizuki - Yume Mizuki Is A Dentist And Her Patient’s Cock Is Too Hard To Ignore

Going to see the dentist sucks! I mean, that is self inflicted pain! It is about the most unpleasant thing you can do! Now we are not suggesting that you not take care of your teeth, we are just saying find yourself a dentist like Yume Mizuki if you can. Watch this video of her at work and then you will understand why we are suggesting you find a dentist like her. It is no joke that she is going to make you forget all the pain you experience as you get your teeth worked on. She will lean right in and hold onto you while she digs deep into your mouth cleaning your teeth or filling your cavities... She has such a great set of tits and they are so soft and as you lay in the chair she leans in and pushes them against you for leverage. God is there a better feeling in the world than a sexy hot girl smashing her big tits in your face? That is the stuff dreams are made of! So this dude in the chair today, is hard as a rock as Yume slides her boobs around his face and he can not help but start to touch himself. Of course Yume notices and apologizes for making him hard and horny. But the dude is now too horny and decides to just unzip his pants and pull out his cock and masturbate. Who could blame him right? But then something unexpected happens as Yume is not wet and wants to explore this situation herself! Fuck I would be making a lot of dentist appointments after that!
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