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Japan HDV – Nao Mizuki

Nao Mizuki - Nao Mizuki Wakes Her New Husband So She Can Suck His Cock

A new wife needs to be taught how to be a good wife. It is not something inherent. Nao Mizuki is a new wife and learning how to be a good one. We had a lesson in how to treat a husband when he returns from work after a long hot day last time with Nao. She got into the bath to clean and suck on her husband in the bath and get him clean and relax him from his day. Today we have Nao in bed with her husband and trying to get him to stay awake. She seems horny and wants to get into some fucking so she tells her husband to hold on and just let her do some work on him and see if that keeps him awake a little longer... She pulls his night shirt up and starts to lick his nipples. She loves to lean over and show off her tits as he can see right down into her night clothes. Her tits are so nice and one pops right out of her top as she works on her husband. She rubs him and plays with him and touches him and then she moves down to his cock and she starts to rub it for him. He is getting hard as she plays and pulls it out. She gives it a big kiss and then pulls his shorts off so she can really go to work on his dick. She gets between his legs and sucks and licks and plays with his cock and as she does, she looks up at him in his eyes. She makes eye contact with him as he looks down at her licking the tip of his dick. What a good lesson in how to treat your husband from Nao Mizuki. We look forward to more lessons soon.
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