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Japan HDV – Anna Mihashi

Anna Mihashi - Anna Mihashi Cheats On Her Husband With The Manager Of The Office

Anna Mihashi is married to a man who happens to work in the same office as her but he is going to be transferred. He would have to move and go to a new town and be far away from Anna. That would mean that he would only see her occassionaly. That would be the end of his happy married life with her as it seems that once transferred it is not easy to be moved back to the old office. The manager has an idea though. Since he is in charge of the transfers he suggests that his wife might like to have sex with him in order to keep her husband there in the same office. This seems like a wonderful way to solve the problem and it would allow them to stay together happily married and the manager would also get a piece of Anna’s sweet pussy. This seems like a wonderful idea and Anna would get fucked right there in the office and her husband would be able to come home to her every night. So the next Monday Anna comes in to the office and the manager is ready to offer her some fucking right there in his office. He kisses her and takes off her clothes right there on his sofa and spreads her legs open so he can dive into her pink pussy. He spreads open her legs and licks and sucks and fingers her sweet pussy hole. What a great Monday it is for all as he plunges his tongue deep into her snatch. He fingers and plays with her pussy to get it hot and ready for what he is going to do to it next.
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