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Japan HDV – Ako Nishino

Ako Nishino - Ako Nishino Tries To Hitchhike To Hokkaido And Ends Up Giving A Blowjob

Ako Nishino is back with us for a new adventure. She is asked to go outside and hitch a ride. Her job is to find someone to give her a ride. And she has to find someone to give her a ride to find some crabs in Hokkaido. We gave her a sign we made up and with it she is going to see if a car will stop and give her a lift. So we took her outside along the roadway to see if someone would stop and give her a lift. She held up her sign and waited to see if someone would stop. It seemed that no one was headed that way so we saw a man smoking and thought we could ask him. He mentioned that Hokkaido is pretty far away, which it is. But we had Ako beg him and then tell him that she would settle on half the way there. In the end, we decided that it was an unrealistic goal and that we would settle on his home that is not that far away. While on the trip we had a special present for him. Once on the road we would let him know what it is. He had a van and since he was so kind to give Ako a ride we had him sit in the back while Ako lifter her legs and showed him her cute panties and how she liked to masturbate. This was a nice gift and it turned him on so Ako decided the next move was to give him a cock sucking right there and let him unload a bunch of cum in her mouth, which is exactly what he did. That was a fun trip!
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