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Hentaied – Amirah Adara

Amirah Adara - Tentacle Nightmares

As the night falls and the moon rises, strange things begin to happen all around Amirah Adara. She’s getting ready for bed when suddenly a noise of glass shattering comes from nearby. She snaps but is too afraid to go and search for the source of the noise. Instead, she copes by telling herself that it’s all an imagination and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Must be because of the book she’s reading, and not to mention it’s already quite late, so that must be it. Amirah lays the book down on her nightstand and goes to sleep instead. She’s soon fast asleep but it seems she’s not alone. That sound has not been a part of her imagination. It’s the windows shattering from the force of alien tentacles. They have arrived at the right moment, and now they’re slithering over the floor and onto Amirah’s bed. They crawl under the cover and pull it over Amirah at the same time so she’s tucked in comfortably and unable to escape. It didn’t take long for her to wake up from sleep and get face-to-face with one of the thick tentacles. As the screams start to exit her mouth, the tentacles wrap around Amirah’s neck. Now the only sounds are the ones of her fighting for her breath. The tentacle cocks take their chance and undress her, turn her over so she’s face-down, and wrap around her legs as well. Her legs are spread open, so her beautiful pussy is widely available for one of the tentacle cocks. It slithers towards Amirah’s crotch, and slowly penetrates it, entering deep and starting to fuck her. Her beautiful pussy gets wet in an instant, while her eyes begin to roll from the mixture of tightness around her neck and the pleasure the thick tentacle is providing. She’s stuffed with cum, a load of thick, white semen that’s just the first of many. Soon the tentacles take advantage of her booty hole. The real life sleep anal tentacle hentai begins as one of them enters inside, spreading those thick booty cheeks, while another one goes inside her pussy. The double tentacle invasion sure wasn’t expected but it’s also not the last of surprises she’s going to face tonight. A facehugger alien lunges at her face, covering it, and spreading its fuckstick inside Amirah’s mouth. All of her fuckholes are plugged, each one of them about to get served a creampie. Amirah’s body is exhausted, she’s stuffed with so much alien jizz that it’s leaking all around her but it seems that our friends are not yet finished. Unable to even move now, she takes not one, but two tentacles inside her bunghole. The double anal pounding makes her moan but her sounds are quickly muffled with a tentacle down her throat. They keep fucking Amirah, pounding her without mercy, and you’ve guessed it, serving yet another round of cum. This time, it’s way too much. Her belly starts to inflate from all the alien semen, she wriggles in her sheets with every new pump of it inside her. Once the aliens are finished, Amirah is left there, cum starting to burst out of her mouth, pussy, and butthole, all covering the sheets she’s laying in so peacefully. The tentacles are pleased, they go away, only leaving behind Amirah, so frail and fully covered in their jizz.
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