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FTV Girls – Sylvie Sterling

Sylvie Sterling - Willing Participant

This supercute leggy teen is shooting adult for her first time, but has that confidence in her sexy figure to show off her beautiful form! We first see her at a golf resort, walking around in a super short miniskirt that exposes her butt cheeks! On this hot August day, she sits and plays with herself, as people walk their dogs nearby -- we get some nice panty views and butt cheek spreads! She then takes her panties off, rubbing her clit, enjoy those closeups of her very pretty privates! At the golf course she does some backbends and cartwheels before going home for a dancing scene and a peeing video. When its time to masturbate, she has a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, thanks to the Magic Wand Toy! Then we see her spread and pull on her long labia, exposing that swollen clit. The Big Ten Toy is next, and though she can't take it more than 7 inches, she uses it in combination with the Magic Wand to have a very heavy squirting orgasm, wetting the couch! Gaping her pussy, notice how milky wet it is inside, and then she prolapses it out so you can see her very pink pussy walls! Never done anal before, she warms up with a finger, then uses a small glass toy for her very first anal experience... At lunch, she does a cute interview and teasers at a restaurant before going home to put on a cute nightie and heels. In the bathroom, we get some foot fetish, then let her fuck the Big Ten again. She rides it at first, then fucks it missionary and squirts a whole lot more! Eventually another strong orgasm with the Magic Wand. It just happens to be that two FTV Milfs are shooting that day, and she gets to participate in fisting another woman! She's the ideal kind of FTV cutie, natural and beautiful, and we hope you enjoy her natural sexuality :)
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