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Abby Winters – Sandra S – Eye Contact

- Sandra S - Eye Contact

Sandra relaxes in bed wearing only a pair of tiny knickers and a tight top, which barely contains her voluptuous curves. Gazing back at us with a sultry expression, it becomes clear that she is thrilled to have an audience for her nighttime ritual. She massages lotion into her shapely thighs, then her dark eyes sparkle as she frees her huge boobs for loving caresses and squeezes. There's another part of her body that's crying out to be rubbed, so she strips off her panties and casts an inviting look into the camera. As Sandra's silky-smooth pussy gets lavished with attention, she savours the delicious sensation of being watched while she masturbates. She licks her fingers and begins with sensual strokes between her legs, but quickly increases the speed and rhythm, to indulge completely in her pleasure. She manages to alternate hands to hit just the right spots, and the vigorous rubbing makes her breasts jiggle. Sandra's moans grow louder, her alabaster complexion flushes pink, and she cries out as her orgasm overwhelms her with ecstasy. The video ends as it began, with Sandra looking back to make steamy eye contact with her fans.
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