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A POV Story – Liz Jordan

Liz Jordan - Frenemies - Part 2

Tyler (Cruise) pulls up his pants, as he and his stepsister Kyler (Quinn) get dressed. "You have to promise me something", she says. "Not to tell anyone?", he asks. "Well that, and you have to promise to never see Liz", she says. "Uh...", he pauses. "Pinky promise", she says, and they wrap their little fingers around each other as a pledge. Kyler leaves the bedroom, saying "Bye". Later, Tyler is doing jumping jacks in the living room when Liz (Jordan) arrives and knocks on the door. He opens it, and she says: "Um, you don't have to do that on my account", as he fumbles trying to put on his shirt. "Is Kyler home?", she asks. "Kyler?", he says. "Your stepsister, dummy", she responds. "I know, but no, she isn't", he declares, adding: "I'll let her know you stopped by". "Well, aren't you going to invite me inside?", she asks... "I shouldn't", he contends. "Not very friendly of you", she states. "Well...", he pauses. "Well what?, she asks. "At least offer me a glass of water for my troubles", she requests. "I can't", he says. "You can't", she mocks. "I promised Kyler", he insists. "Okay", she says, and walks past him into the living room. "Wow. Nothing's changed in here", she remarks. "Kyler's gonna freak out if she knows I let you in", Tyler complains. "What, are you afraid of her?", Liz asks. "Anyways, I'm here to see you", she announces. "Yeah, that's the problem", he says. "Problem? What about that glass of water?", she asks, sitting down on the living room couch. He goes and fetches the water, and she says "Thank you". "Are you really going to sit way over there?", she asks. "I'm not taking any chances", he replies. She intentionally spills the water on her shirt, exclaiming: "Oh no! Look what I did", adding "I'm such a klutz", as she puts the glass down on the coffee table. Liz starts to remove her wet shirt, interrupted by Tyler yelling: "Wait, wait, what are you doing?". "My shirt's wet", she answers. "So you're just going to get undressed in my parents' living room?", he accuses. "We could go somewhere more private", she flirts. "I think you should leave", he declares. "Can you at least get me a new shirt before I leave?", she requests. "Fine", he says. "Where do you think you're going?", he asks, as she gets up from the couch. "I'm not gonna wear just anything", she insists, "If it'll make things faster, then fine", he says, as she follows Tyler to the bedroom. Entering the bedroom, he grabs several shirts from a dresser drawer. Liz sits down on the bed, and he throws her the shirts, asking: "Are any of these good?". "Yeah", she replies, as she looks through the apparel. "Just let me know when you're done", he says brusquely. "You're such a prude", she says disdainfully, and removes her wet shirt. "Okay, I'm ready", she announces, now topless, and he turns to face her and exclaims; "Jeez, Liz!". "Aren't they nice?", she teases. "That's not the point", he says. "Are you really going to let your sister bully you?", she chides. "You don't know what she's like", he responds. "Yeah, I do. We were best friends, remember?", Liz points out. "Look, why don't you just put on one of those shirts and then get out", he says. "Is it so wrong that I have a little crush on you?", she asks. "It's not worth the trouble", he asserts. "Come on, it'll be our little secret", she says. "You're just doing all this to get back at her", he concludes. "If so, who am I hurting?", she wonders. "Well, I don't like the idea of being used", Tyler says. "You don't?", she mocks, and walks over to him and feels his crotch, saying: "Your cock seems to like it though". "I don't understand you guys", he says. "You don't have to understand", she claims. "I just don't want to get in trouble", he says. "So you do want to, I mean, you want to be with me?", Liz asks. "I'm not crazy", he admits. She kisses him on the lips. "I've wanted to do this ever since I met you", she says, referring back to Kyler's birthday party when she was introduced to her BFF's stepbrother. "Is that true? You're not doing this just to piss off Kyler?", he asks. "That's just the cherry on top", she says, and they kiss again while she fondles his cock. "I guess as long as she doesn't find out", Tyler says. "That's the spirit", Liz says. "You''re very impressive. It's not nice Kyler wanted to keep this a secret", she says, referring to his big dick. "How did you know?", he asks. "Know what?", she queries. "Nothing, never mind", he says. Liz kneels down in front of him, removing his pants and grasping his dick to suck. "God, Kyler would freak out if she saw us right now", she declares. Watch the erotic scene unfold...
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